Manakintowne Specialty Growers: fresh herbs, salad greens, and specialty organic produce.

Buffalo Creek Beef: Hand raised, all-natural beef. 7th generation family owned cattle ranch and butchering operation in Lexington Va.

Homestead Creamery: Small-scale, all natural dairy processor in Burnt Chimney VA. They provide all dairy used at the restaurant, including butter and ingredients for our ice cream.

Dave and Dee's Homegrown Mushrooms: Family owned business, cultivating and selling oyster mushrooms and distributing VA grown produce. Based in Sedley VA. Oyster mushrooms, local honey, local produce from numerous small farms around Virginia.

Forever Grateful Farms: Organic, family owned farm in Mechanicsville VA. Various heirloom vegetables, fruits, and peanuts.

Elim Springs Farm has Free range, organic chicken and eggs. All our chicken and eggs.

Edible Old Dominion: Farmer Russell's sustainable Goochland VA farm and produce business. Unique, sustainably grown produce.

Sausage Craft: Richmond VA butcher shop. Uses artisanal methods to create small batch sausages and other meat products from humanely-raised meat without added hormones, antibiotics, steroids, or preservatives.

Bombolini Pasta: Family owned, boutique pasta maker in Richmond VA. Specializes in unique and custom designed fresh pasta of almost and shape or flavor.