“I’ll be back.  My new fave Richmond restaurant.
Went on a date with the fiancee here the other night.  We came close to not stopping there because as we drove by (on a Wednesday night), it looked empty.  We went in anyway and realized that all of the patrons were in the back. So glad we stopped.” Read more…

“Richmond needs more restaurants like Selba. Sophisticated food, locally-sourced ingredients and GLUTEN FREE options clearly marked on their menu! Yes, you heard me. For the growing population that, like me, that figures out they’re allergic to gluten, Selba will be an oasis for your taste buds.” Read more…

“I have been to Selba several times; for cocktails, appys, brunch and dinner.  I am truly impressed by their atmosphere, menu, and service.  They are a combo of classy, cool, and progressive.  It is metro yet laid back.  It’s my new favorite hang out.
Really neat blend of atmospheres; garden room, smoking room, music bar…all in one. Definitely try it; you won’t be sorry!”

RVA Gourmet@rvagourmet
@selbarichmond I thoroughly enjoyed my dinner last night, the pasta and she crab soup were awesome!  Looking forward to a return visit!

Great dinner, atmosphere and service – outstanding!
· May 27 at 8:36am near Richmond